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  • 6x6 Flat/stranded Modular Plug

    $25.10 $14.43

    - Connector: 1 x RJ-12 male phone- Clear- Material: Polycarbonate- Cable type: Phone connector- Gold plated connectors- 0.35 mm thick phosphor bronze contacts- Terminates AWG 24-26 flat stranded cable

  • 25' Black Handset Cord

    $4.92 $2.82 Sold out

    - 4x4 4-Wire 28 AWG twisted tinsel conductors

  • Durafon Non-uhf Microphone And Earpiece

    $55.18 $45.97

    - Kit that includes: the SN-ULTRA-EPEH over-the-ear “Hook” style of earpiece, SN-ULTRA-EPM microphone that plugs into the handset and is designed to clip onto clothing- Hook-type earpiece has a swivel earpiece to allow use in left or right ear- Modular headset microphone and earpiece for use with the DuraFon 1X, DuraWalkie 1X, DuraFon PRO, DuraWalkie, DuraFon SIP, ...

  • Panasonic Call Block Button

    $119.99 $99.98 Sold out

    - Panasonic robocall blocker easily connects to landline phones to block robocalls, unknown, international, 00 prefix and other callers; Ideal for phones without call block or phones with limited registration capability- Block 16,000 telemarketer numbers; Includes a pre-programmed database of 14,000 robocaller and telemarketer numbers*; Add 2,000 more manually; Wh ...

  • Panasonic Dect 6.0 Repeater

    $33.06 $27.54 Sold out

    - Extends the range of DECT 6.0+ cordless phones- Doubles the effective transmission distance between the base unit and the cordless handset- Repeater registers as an additional handset- Max 2 repeaters per system- Compatible Panasonic series models include TGE, TGC, TGD, TGH, PRW, PRX, PRD, PRL, PRS, TGF, and select TGx models

  • 2 Pk Aaa Nimh Rechargeable Batteries

    $23.09 $13.27 Sold out

    AAA Rechargeable 2 Pack Cordless Telephones Batteries- 1.2V, 700mAH Nickel metal-hydride Compatible Panasonic models include: TG1032/33/34, TG823X series, TG63XX series, TG93XX series, TG43XX series, TG1061/62, TG64XX series, TG74XX series, TH1211/12, TGA101/430/630/641/740/930/935/939

  • Spectralink Battery

    $113.53 $65.25

    - Lithium ion rechargeable cordless phone battery- 3.7V - 2500mAh

  • Rca-t-t101 Handset Battery For 25111

    $50.45 $28.98

    - Headset Battery for 25111, 25211, 25065, 25270- Rechargeable Lithium Polymer- 3.7V, 280mAh

  • Battery For Kx-tca285, Tca385, Udt131

    $50.34 $28.93

    - Dantona battery for the KX-TCA285 and the KX-TCA385- 3.7, 740mAh- Rechargeable Lithium-Ion

  • Battery For Savi W740

    $45.29 $26.03 Sold out

    Spare battery for Savi 740, Savi745, Savi 440, and WH500 only 3.7V 140mAh Lithium polymer

  • Battery For Att-tl7600 Headsets

    $37.73 $21.68 Sold out

    - Battery for TL7600 HeadsetsBATTHS191545 3.7V, 240mAh Rechargeable Lithium Polymer

  • Replacement Base Adapter

    $35.33 $20.29 Sold out

    - Engenius Durafon replacement base AC adapter- Box dimensions: 3.75"L x 3.75"W x 2.5"H

  • Gclc666050 50' Flat Line Cord - Silver

    $34.07 $19.57 Sold out

    ICLC650FSV - 50' silver line cord flat

  • Att-tl7800 Battery

    $32.68 $18.78 Sold out

    - Replacement battery for ATT-TL7800- Lithium - 240mAh

  • Ta 400 Auxiliary Bell Ringer 10db

    $30.28 $17.39

    - TA 400 Auxiliary Bell Ringer- Auxiliary BellRinger adds mechanical bell to your phone's electronic ring.

  • Battery For Ct11 And Ct12. Pl-63421-01

    $25.21 $14.48 Sold out

    - 3.6V- 800mAhBATTCT11 Nickel metal hydride rechargeable

  • Mod Tel Plug Flat Stranded 6p4c 100pk

    $25.10 $14.43

    - Flat-Cable Modular Plug- Modular 6x4 Flat/Stranded RJ11 Plug UL- Terminates 24-26 AWG flat stranded cable- High-impact clear polycarbonate plugs- UL Version

  • T-t104 Battery 2.4v 700mah Nimh

    $25.10 $14.43

    - Dantona 2.4V 750maH NIMH replacement battery- Cordless phone replacement rechargeable battery- For VTech phones- BATT6010