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  • Motorola 35 Mile Frs 2 Pack

    $118.80 $99.00

    - Range: up to 35 miles- Easy Pairing: Yes- IP Rating: Weatherproof IPX4- # of Channels: 22 channels + 121 privacy codes- NOAA Weather Channel and Alerts: Yes- Flashlight: Yes- iVOX/VOX Hands-free: Yes- Talkabout App Enabled: Yes- VibraCall™: Yes- Micro-USB Charging: Yes- Emergency Alerts: Yes- Battery Life (alkaline): up to 25 hours- Battery Life (rechargable NiM ...

  • Emergency Dynamo Crank Radio

    $59.99 $49.99 Sold out

    E+READY Emergency Crank or Solar-Powered Weather Radio Receive NOAA emergency alerts AM/FM radio tuning Use as a source of portable power with 1 USB port to charge mobile devices Cree LED 1400 lux flashlight with SOS morse code setting Battery Life: up to 25 hours Power the included 2000 mAh lithium-ion rechargeable battery via the solar panel on top or manual ...

  • Batt5r - Sub Mid-avp17

    $17.99 $14.98 Sold out

    - Pair of Rechargeable Batteries for some GXT series radios- Nickel metal hydride- 6V- 700mAh- BATT5R

  • S.a.m.e. Weather Radio

    $71.99 $59.99 Sold out

    AM/FM Weather Alert Radio The WR300 has a programmable siren level to adjust the volume of your alerts to suit your needs and AM/FM stereo S.A.M.E Localized Reception Large, backlit LCD with continuous backlighting option For alerts, select a 90dB siren alarm, voice alert, or visual LED flasher 23 Programmable Counties Color-Coded Alert Indicators Alert over ...

  • Midland Deluxe Noaa Weather Radio

    $77.27 $64.38 Sold out

    - S.A.M.E. Digital Technology- Program up to 25 different counties/provinces- Customized alerts- 85 dB siren- Emergency power backup (requires 4 AA batteries, not included)- Instant info from the National Weather Service- AM/FM radio with alarm buzzer- Color coded alert level indicators

  • Pair Of Rechargeable Lxt600 Batteries

    $23.99 $19.98 Sold out

    - Individual Batteries For MID-LXT600

  • 2-pack Gmrs Battery Batt6r

    $17.99 $14.98 Sold out

    - 2 Rechargeable BATT6R Battery Packs - Nickel Metal Hydride - 4.8V - 600mAh - Compatible with: CXT240, CXT250, CXT280, LXT276, LXT314, LXT317, LXT318, LXT319, LXT320, LXT322, LXT323, LXT324, LXT326, LXT328, LXT330, LXT335, LXT340, LXT345, LXT360, LXT365, LXT376, LXT380, LXT385, LXT420, LXT440, LXT460, LXT480, LXT490, LXT500, LXT535, LXT560, XT24, XT25, XT26, XT27 ...

  • Same Weather Alert Trilingual Monitor

    $35.99 $29.98 Sold out

    - Desktop Weather Alert Radio- S.A.M.E localized programming- Over 60 emergency alerts- Receives all 7 NOAA/Environment Canada weather channels- 25 Programmable counties- Alert Override automatically switches over to warn you of impending danger- Alarm clock with snooze- Silent programming- Continuous backlight option- Customize alerts: 90dB siren alarm, flashing ...

  • Gmrs 2-way Radio (up To 26 Miles)

    $59.99 $49.99 Sold out

    - 2 Two-Way Radios with up to 26 Mile Range- High/Low power settings prolong battery life for this 36 channel two-way radio - NOAA Weather Alert Radio with Weather Scan - eVOX hands-free operation (3 levels)- Auto squelch removes annoying background noise - Dual Power Options: uses 4 AAA batteries (not included) or rechargeable batteries (included) - 5 Call alerts ...

  • Emergency Dynamo Crank Radio W Battery

    $71.99 $59.99 Sold out

    - Emergency Crank or Solar-Powered Weather Radio- Receive NOAA and Weather Canada emergency alerts- AM/FM radio tuning- Ultrasonic dog whistle may assist search and rescue teams during an emergency- Use as a source of portable power with 1 USB port to charge mobile devices- Cree LED 130 lumen flashlight with SOS morse code setting- Battery Life: up to 32 hours- Po ...

  • Wrap Around Ear Headset

    $29.99 $24.98 Sold out

    - Wrap Around the Ear Headsets- Behind the ear microphone- Fits directly into the ear- Push to Talk option- Vox option- 2 Pieces per order - Works with most Midland GMRS/FRS Radios, including models LXT80, LXT100, LXT101, LXT110, LXT112, LXT114, LXT118, LXT210, LXT216, LXT276, LXT300, LXT303, LXT305, LXT310, LXT312, LXT315, LXT316, LXT318, LXT319, LXT320, LXT322, ...

  • Cobra 32 Mile 2-pack Frs With Charger

    $90.83 $52.20

    - Up to 32 mile range- Weather alerts- Rechargeable batteries (included)- VibrAlert- Water proof- LED flashlight- Rubberized grip- Micro-USB charging dock

  • Cobra 23-mile Frs 2 Pack

    $65.59 $37.70

    - Up to 23-mile range- Each with 22 channels with 2,662 total sub-channel and digital sub-channel codes- Cobra walkie talkies come in a compact design with extended range- NOAA weather and emergency radio- Be prepared for storms and emergencies with built-in NOAA receiver- Designed for outdoor use- VOX voice activated transmissions frees hands for other tasks- Cal ...

  • Cobra 16 Mile 2-pack Frs

    $50.46 $29.00

    - 2-way radios walkie talkies have up to a 16-mile range- 22 channels with extended range- Weather radio- Compact design- Roger beep indicates to others it's clear to talk- 16-mile walkie talkies come with power saver- Extend battery life when not transmitting or receiving- Call alert provides a recognizable alert for incoming calls- AAA NiMH rechargeable batterie ...

  • 3 Pack Frs 25 Mile Range Noaa Vox Radios

    $93.60 $78.00

    - T260TP White Rechargeable 2-Way Radio Triple Pack- This lightweight, compact, and durable radio comes packed with essential features like NOAA weather channels and alerts and iVOX/VOX hands-free communication - Use the scanning feature to see which channels are currently in use - Eco Smart feature allows it to consume less power during its idle condition - Commu ...

  • 3 Pack Frs 20 Mile Range Gray Radios

    $78.00 $65.00

    - T200TP Gray Rechargeable 2-Way Radio Triple Pack- Thanks to its featherweight, compact design, the T200TP is comfortable to use - Use the scanning feature to see which channels are currently in use - Eco Smart feature allows it to consume less power during its idle condition - Communicate with other FRS/GMRS radios regardless of brand by being on the same channe ...

  • T100tp 3 Pack 16 Mile Range Blue Radios

    $51.60 $43.00

    - T100TP Neon Blue Alkaline 2-Way Radio Triple Pack- Simple, compact and easy-to-use by the entire family, the T100 is the perfect way to stay in touch when out and about, whether at the playground, hiking in the park or enjoying a picnic - Use the scanning feature to see which channels are currently in use - Keypad lock prevents personalized settings from being i ...

  • Uniden Fixed Mount Vhf Marine Radio Whit

    $190.97 $159.14 Sold out

    - Uniden fixed mount VHF two-way advanced marine radios- Meets JIS8 submersible standards- Class D DSC (digital selective calling)- DSC position send, request and test call features- Large, easy to read full dot matrix display- Rubber grip mic- Shorter chassis design allows for more versatile installation- All USA, Canadian and international marine channels- Rugge ...

  • Uniden Handheld Two-way Vhf Marine

    $156.60 $130.50 Sold out

    - Hear automatic NOAA weather alerts- Emergency strobe light makes you highly visible- Bright LED display for easy nighttime reading- Power boost your transmission- Long-life rechargeable battery- Accessory battery tray- Handheld- Floating Capability- Submersible- Memory Scan- USA / International / Canadian Channels- One Touch Channel 16 /9 Key- Antenna- Belt Clip ...

  • Uniden Mobile Scanner

    $148.16 $123.47

    - Uniden 800MHz mobile police scanner- Close call, close call priority and close call DND - allows user to be alerted if anyone keys up within a couple of hundred feet and automatically tunes into the transmission- 6 Preprogrammed service banks - quickly search for police, fire/EMS, air, marine, weather or CB communications- 13 Preset search bands- 300 User-progra ...