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  • 4pc King Sheet Set in Bright White


    - Bright white, four-piece, king-sized bedding set- Includes: 2 pillowcases, 1 fitted sheet, 1 flat sheet Rayon fiber made from 100% bamboo 205 thread count, which is comparable to 1000 thread count cotton sheets- Fitted sheet has elastic all around to fit mattresses up to 18" deep- Moisture wicking- Eco-friendly renewable bamboo grown with no pesticides or fertil ...

  • Chowpal-mealtime Multitool

    $23.94 $19.95

    - Multi-tool perfect for eating outdoors- 420J2 stainless steel construction- Two piece design- Nested fork into spoon- Folding knife has strong frame lock and single-bevel blade- Can and bottle opener- Graduated wrench and flathead screwdriver

  • Home Aware Bed Vibrator

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    Home Aware Bed Vibrator Adds vibrating notification to the additional receivers in your HomeAware System, including the HomeAware Deluxe Receiver and HomeAware Basic Receiver Cord length approximately 6 feet

  • Handy Manual Carpet Sweeper


    - With its 8 inch wide sweeping path and lightweight, high impact body, the Ewbank Handy manual sweeper glides effortlessly across your floor. The Handy sweeper lies flat for convenient cleaning under furniture. The long-life bristles and large capacity dustpan make for smooth and efficient cleaning while the long coated steel handle allows for cleaning in awkward ...

  • Home Aware Bridge Unit

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    HomeAware SonicBridge Unit Allows traditional Sonic Alert receivers to work with the new HomeAware alerting system HomeAware is the only wireless system that is compatible with all Sonic Alert remote recievers, including the SA101, SA201, BL300, RH100, and SB1000 alarm clock

  • Home Aware Baby Cry Sounds Signaler Kit

    $59.39 $49.49

    - HomeAware Baby Cry Transmitter- Alerts you to the sound of a baby crying- Works through the HomeAware Main unit and remote receivers located in other rooms- Adjustable sensitivity

  • Evo 3 Manual Carpet Sweeper


    - Quick, versatile and ready to go anywhere, the Evolution 3 manual sweeper utilizes an updated design for improved pickup and control. Transitioning between hard floor and carpet couldn’t be easier with the adjustable height setting. It’s also more hygienic thanks to its top side waste emptying control.- Lightweight, compact and easy to store- Hygienic due to the ...

  • Cascade Manual Carpet Shampooer

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    - Very lightweight and uses a unique, fresh scented cleaning solution. It has an easy to fill system and removes dirt fast for quick and efficient cleaning of carpets and rugs all around the home- Applies and brushes high-foam carpet shampoo into the carpet pile (shampoo is included)- Telescopic handle- 2.5 litre tank capacity- 8-inch wide replaceable roller- Easy ...

  • Home Aware Smoke/co Sound Signaler Kit

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    HomeAware Smoke/CO Sound Transmitter Alerts youto the sounds produced by smoke and CO detectors already installed in your home Use with HomeAware main unit Adjustable sensivity

  • Home Aware Doorbell

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    HomeAware Doorbell Transmitter Alerts you when someone comes to visit Use with HomeAware receiver Can be installed in minutes and requires no wires Add up to 8 additional transmitters to accommodate other doors or use the doorbell transmitter as a portable personal SOS alert

  • Home Aware Basic Receiver Unit Kit

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    HomeAware Basic Receiver Cost-effective way to receive alerts from the Main Unit Will alert you to door, baby, phone, or fire with its 5 bright flashing LEDs

  • Led Floodlight With Pir

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    Low energy/exceptional illuminationGenerates around 100 lumens per wattExtremely reliable - Utilizes the latest Samsung™ LEDs with a lifespan of up to 50,000 hoursIncludes a large junction box with 5 access pointsOver voltage protectionEasy installation with 3 simple adjustments: Time, light level and motion detection.Walk test facility for daytime testingManual o ...

  • Home Aware Smart Phone Transmitter

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    HomeAware Smart Phone Transmitter Allows you to link your Apple or Android smartphone to your HomeAware system Enables you to be notified on the HomeAware system when you receive incoming calls or text messages Only one smartphone can be connected to the transmitter at a time

  • Home Aware Deluxe Receiver Kit

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    - HomeAware Deluxe Receiver - Alerts you to all signals from the HA360M main unit - Alert message will scroll across the display, along with the flashing ultra-bright strobe light - Can only be used with HA360M main unit and will not receive signals directly from the transmitters - Caller ID for landline and videophone calls - Full battery backup

  • Steam Dynamo Pressurized Steam Cleaner

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    - The stylish Ewbank Steam Dynamo powerfully and effortlessly cuts through dirt and grease. Its multipurpose attachments make it an essential item for floor-to-ceiling cleaning throughout the home, including kitchens, bathrooms & windows.- 1500 Watt stainless steel boiler- 45 minute operating time between fills- Multi-purpose attachments- On board storage for ...

  • Floor Cleaner/Scrubber/Polisher


    - Twin contra-rotating discs spinning at 2,200rpm- 9.5in wide cleaning/polishing path- Only weighs 7.5lbs- Telescopic handle with comfort butterfly grip and intregrated cable storage- High performance 160W motor- High impact material built to last- Suitable for hard floor types: laminate, wood, vinyl, marble, and granite- Voltage: 120V- 23ft power cable- Accessori ...

  • Walnut Wine Cube

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    - Recherché Furnishings Wine Cube is ideal for any wine enthusiast.- This wine cube is a great solution for compact settings or as a compliment to your wine vault, bar, cellar or dining area to display your wines.- Designed to hold 12 standard bottles (3 per segment) and can be stacked to create your own cellar design.- Crafted from solid Walnut with Oak inserts.- ...

  • Ewbank Zest 2 In 1 Cordless Vac

    $253.91 $211.59

    - Zest 2 in 1 cordless vacuum- Crevice tool with brush- Small swivel head upholstery brush- 2x extension tubes- Tool adapter- Hair removal tool- Charging base with tool storage and battery included

  • Home Aware Master Kit

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    HomeAware Complete Home Alerting Solution Up to 1,000 ft transmission range between a transmitter and the main unit Each time a transmitter sends a signal, the alert message will scroll across your HA360M display Choose to be alerted by just one or all of these: 110dB alarm, power bed shaker, and flashing ultra-bright strobe light Scrolling alert messages are ...

  • 4 In 1 Vacuum/cleaner/scrubber/polisher

    $275.99 $229.99

    - Floor cleaner, scrubber, and polisher with 780W cyclonic bagless HEPA filter vacuum- Polisher delivers 2,200rpm on contra-rotating discs- Polish with enclosed microfiber pads- Vacuum detaches from polishing unit- 9.5in wide cleaning/polishing path - Telescopic handle with comfort butterfly grip and integrated cable storage- Suitable for all hard floor types, inc ...