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  • 006547-vm2-pak Replacement Handset - Red

    $41.14 $23.63

    - Cortelco High-Low Volume Control Handset- Red- Not compatible with MD series or non Cortelco phones

  • 01880 Alertmaster Audio Alarm

    $55.14 $45.95

    - Clarity Audio alarm- For use with the CLARITY-AL10 or AL12 Notification SystemsNotifies users of home audio alert, such as a timer or a fire, smoke or carbon monoxide detector.

  • 01881 Alertmaster Baby Sound Monitor

    $55.14 $45.95

    - Baby monitor for the AL10 or Al12 Alertmaster System to alert the user of a crying baby in another room

  • 01882 Alertmaster Door Announcer

    $55.14 $45.95 Sold out

    - Clarity Door announcer- For use with the CLARITY-AM6000- Notifies user of an intercom, doorbell/chime, or door knock- White CLARITYAMDX

  • 1 Channel Ip-pt Activation Key

    $79.18 $45.50 Sold out

    1 Channel IP Proprietary Telephone Activation Key (IPPT1) Allows use of 1 IP-PT via a VIPEXT32 card- For KX-TDE systems

  • 1 Channel Sip Extension Key

    $71.64 $41.16 Sold out

    1 Channel SIP Extension Activation Key (SPE1) Allows use of 1 SIP extension via a VSIPEXT32 card- For KX-TDE systems

  • 1 Door Telephone Entry Intercom

    $403.68 $232.00 Sold out

    - Provides 2-way conversation between one front door intercom and every telephone in the house- Seamless call-waiting- Sends a distinctive ring to phones alerting you that a visitor has arrived- (2) different ring patterns from which to choose- Compatible with the DP and IU Series front door intercoms- Only (1) pair of wires is required or the existing doorbell wi ...

  • 1 Gb Cat6-75 Poe Rj45 Protector

    $110.34 $91.94

    - Category 6 Solid-State Building Entrance Protector- Protects high-performance 4-pair Cat6 outside plant cables as well as Cat6 UTP cables for voice or ISDN low voltage (digital, 75V) applications. Using 110 punchdown in/out. - Recommended Grounding Impedance:

  • 1 Pair Cross Connect B/W XC-2901-BW


    - 1 Pair Cross Connect Wire- Dynacom cross connect wire- 1 Pair- Blue/white and white/blue- 1000 feet

  • 1 Pair Cross Connect Blue/white

    $111.01 $63.79

    - 1 Pair Cross Connect Wire- Dynacom cross connect wire- 1 Pair- Blue/white and white/blue- 1000 feet

  • 1 Pair Crossconnect Red/white

    $111.01 $63.79

    - Red-White Cross Connect Wire- Cat-F- 24-AWG- 1000-ft

  • 1 Port Face Plate White

    $1.90 $1.09

    - 1 Port Faceplate White- Measurements for a faceplate are 2.8’’ x 4.5’’

  • 1 Watt 1 Way Slimline Speaker - Black

    $147.94 $123.27

    - SlimLinewall speaker- 1 Watt- One way- Modern and affordable- Easy install (hang on a single screw or use the two screw bosses)- Excellent voice and music quality- Built-in amplifier- Built-in volume control- Black- VALCOM POWER UNITS (-1) -SEE ALSO:- VC-V-1092: speaker volume control for up to 150 one way speakers

  • 1 Zone, 1 Way 8 Ip Zones

    $770.59 $642.15

    - Valcom PagePro SIP based paging server- Easy to install- Live or recorded messages- 65,000 Speakers, expandable up to 256 IP paging zones- Easily connect loudspeaker system to existing computer networks- Compatible with Cisco, Nortel, Avaya, Iwatsu and most IP telephone systems- Supports IP and analog amplified speakers- Supports IP talkback speakers- Supports l ...

  • 1'x2' G86 Ceiling Title Speaker

    $79.49 $45.68 Sold out

    - 8" speaker combination with transformer & mounted grille- 5 oz. magnet- 5W dual 70/25V transformer (with taps of 5W, 2.5W, 1W, 0.5W, 0.25W, & 8ohms)

  • 1-cavity White Keystone Plate

    $2.20 $1.83 Sold out

    - Flush mount keystone wall plate - 1 Cavity- Holds industry standard modular keystone inserts - Smooth finish high-impact ABS construction - Matching color mounting screws - UL Listed - Dimensions: 2 3/4''(W) x 4 1/2''(H)

  • 10 Foot Cable Kit

    $26.92 $22.43

    - 10ft long cable kit used as either a main suspension drop cable or as a safety cable